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Welcome to Jade Tower Studio's website, and thank you for visiting! We are a small group of veteran gamers who love both fantasy and historical gaming. We strive to create gaming products that are lots of fun and relatively easy to play or use.​ We publish for the fun of it (and to supplement our gaming purchases), so we keep our products low in price. We know we'll never get rich from this, so we'd rather share our products with more gamers.

Rob Lusk is the main author of most of our products, since he actually enjoys writing, editing and layout. He's been a gamer since 1974, when he stumbled into a D&D game that Gary Gygax was running at a convention. Rob has written a fair amount for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and will forever be grateful to Shane Hensley for believing in him. Rob is probably best known for owning the basement where Savage Worlds was born.

Jade Tower Studio has mainly published prehistoric fantasy-themed games and historical miniatures rules. We have separate pages on the website devoted to each.

Recently, we have started producing maps for 28mm figures, and are currently excited about these, so we'll be producing more. Please let us know if there are any types of maps you are interested in seeing. We also enjoy making custom maps at very reasonable prices - contact us if you are interested. Our products are mostly available on OUR LATEST PRODUCTS:

  • Battles Before Time: Knucklebones (DICE) Edition
  • Cartoon Car Crash Course

​​MAPS - Inn of the Crescent Moon  - Baron's Castle  - Thieves' Guild           - Watchtower    - Fantasy Merchants I & II    - Fortified Trading Post         - Le Cabaret Rouge   -  Sample: Tavern (FREE)



  • Sticks & Stones Prehistoric-ish Roleplaying Game 
  • Sticks & Stones Card Game (No longer in print) 
  • ​Pack Attack Adventure by Dewayne Agin 
  • Sticks & Stones Figure Flats (2 types)
  • Battles Before Time


  • Halt the Hun! (Miniatures Skirmish Rules for Late World War One)
  • 1676 (Miniatures Skirmish Rules for King Philip's War)
  • Mad Dogs & Englishmen (supplement  for 1676)
  • A Formidable Enemy (Miniatures Skirmish Rules for the French & Indian War)
  • ​Bloody Close Quarters (Miniature ship-to-ship skirmish game set in the Golden Age of Piracy)​​
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