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1676 is COMING SOON:

These Products are NOW AVAILABLE!

From RPGNOW.com:

  • Sticks & Stones Prehistoric-ish Roleplaying Game ($1.99 US)
  • Sticks & Stones Players Guide (Free)
  • ​Pack Attack Adventure by Dewayne Agin (Pay What You Want)
  • Sticks & Stones Figure Flats (2 types; free)

From WargameVault.com:

  • A Formidable Enemy (Miniatures Skirmish Rules for the French & Indian War; $1 US)
  • Battles Before Time (Miniatures Skirmish Rules for prehistoric fantasy games; $1.99 US)
  • The GREAT WHEE RACE! Prehistoric-ish racing at its finest-ish!        (2 PDFs for $1 US), with a printed rulebook & "a la carte"  accessories available from TheGameCrafter.com

From Pinnacle Entertainment Group (via Studio2 Publishing):

  • The Sticks & Stones Card Game ($19.99 US)