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Halt the Hun! is a relatively quick, simple skirmish game for 28mm figures set on the Western Front in late World War One (1918). Players use 10-sided dice to determine the results of actions including attacks & panic checks. Each side - which can consist of one or more players - controls units of either Allied or Imperial German troops. You can build your own “army” using a simple system or use one of the premade battlegroups provided.

There are three PDFs provided with the game. The first is the rules set (25 pages plus a quick reference sheet). The second contains army lists, unit cards, tokens, and templates (54 pages). The third is a sample skirmish game described in detail with lots of examples of the rules in action (13 pages).

The Halt the Hun! rules include a unique initiative system, simple combat resolution, rules for morale, smoke and gas, and special rules for officers, NCOs, chaplains, nurses, and tanks. The rules are packed with photos of figures from this period as well as contemporary recruiting posters. There are more than 100 unit cards included to create a wide variety of British, French, German, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, Scottish, and American battlegroups; there are also sample battlegroups provided in three sizes for the British/Scottish, French, Germans, and Americans. Guidelines are provided for small, medium, and large skirmishes; there are scenario ideas as well as a 1-page quick reference sheet. Optional Event Cards are also included if you’d like to add some interesting twists to your game (including strafing runs and calling in artillery).

Heed the call, assemble your troops, and head to the front! Halt the Hun! is a perfect excuse to get some of the wonderful figures available for this period onto your tabletop!

(Brigade Games, Great War Miniatures, Warlord Games, and Nick Eyre of North Star Military Figures all kindly gave permission for professionally painted miniatures from their figure lines to be included).