The Mad Dogs & Englishmen supplement is also available on Wargame Vault! You can add fell creatures, spell casters, & (gasp!) European powers to your 1676 games.

A professionally printed rule book & the cards used  in 1676 are now available from

Available from Wargame Vault for $0.99 US

Mad Dogs - Wargame Vault product page
1676 Wargame Vault product page

Photos of figures that can be used in 1676 games. These include Brigade Games, Games Workshop, North Star Miniatures, Crucible Crush Miniatures, Warlord Games, Wargames Foundry, & West Wind Miniatures. Figures painted by Rex Blackwell, Mike Marchant, & the Old Guard Painting Service.

We are very proud to report that the Pike & Shot Society chose 1676 as their demonstration game for Salute 2017. Here is the flier given to the participants, as well as a write-up of their playtest for the convention. A big thank you to Gary Flack for putting on the game!


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